Group Rx - POWER STEP Vol. 16


The smack down is here and the ball is in your court in POWER STEP Volume16. The new patterns are designed to challenge you physically as well as build new neurological pathways. That means you can expect new exercises and patterns, one of our favorites being the strength shots that give you quick and powerful bursts of upper body strength. Not only will you work in the frontal and sagittal planes, we tackle rotary components throughout. Step in to the Fit For Life movement and PUT POWER IN YOUR STEP!

DVD Package Includes: CD, DVD, Choreography Booklet

Instant Online Access Includes: Music Download, Streaming Video, Choreography Booklet Download

Group Rx Benefits:

The Group Rx programs were created by a collection of group fitness and medical experts responsible for many of the most-respected, pre-choreographed routines in the world. Each release involves hundreds of hours of music selection, program design, safety evaluation, and field-testing.

Easy to Teach. Each release comes complete with all the tools you need to teach a successful class: a CD of the music, a DVD of the pre-choreographed program, and a choreography booklet outlining the routine.

Use the complete workout as is. Or mix and match tracks to give the routine your own personal stamp. It's all you with a little help from us.

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