RIP Vol. 33



Red Alert! RIP Volume 33 is here! We design RIP to work synergistically with other workouts and your everyday lifestyle. We’re a team, working together with you to deliver innovative, effective exercises matched perfectly to cyclical music patterns. Get ready for Squats in wide-narrow- dynamic stances, a Back track that trains unilaterally from start to finish, Supine Tricep Press Downs, the Saw (sounds scary; it’s not), Bicep Curls and Rows (there’s only 92 reps), the Circle, distal rotating Core work, and more! Together, we’re changing the world, one RIP class at a time.

RIP EDUCATION: Tricep Press/Reverse Press Down Mechanics - Standing vs. Supine

DVD Package Includes: CD, DVD, Choreography Booklet

Instant Online Access Includes: Music Download, Streaming Video, Choreography Booklet Download

Group Rx Benefits:

The Group Rx programs were created by a collection of group fitness and medical experts responsible for many of the most-respected, pre-choreographed routines in the world. Each release involves hundreds of hours of music selection, program design, safety evaluation, and field-testing.

Easy to Teach. Each release comes complete with all the tools you need to teach a successful class: a CD of the music, a DVD of the pre-choreographed program, and a choreography booklet outlining the routine.

Use the complete workout as is. Or mix and match tracks to give the routine your own personal stamp. It's all you with a little help from us.

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